NLOL Volunteer

    Thank you so much for your interest in our volunteer program! New Leash On Life owes much of its success to our wonderful volunteers as they play a key role in continuing New Leash On Life's mission of finding loving, responsible homes for abandoned and stray animals.

    We have numerous opportunities for volunteers ages 8 and up. Please note that anyone under the age of 16 is not allowed to handle the animals on their own and therefore will not able to fill certain positions such as dog walking, training, or animal care assistant. Please see the job descriptions section for more information on requirements. Additionally, anyone under the age of 16 is required to have a parent or guardian with them at all times on the property and no more than two children can accompany an adult at one time.

    We request a one-time $25 membership donation (tax deductible) payable when you begin volunteering. This fee helps to fund the administration of the volunteer program and pays for your NLOL volunteer t-shirt

    1. Complete and submit an application
    2. Download and review the volunteer manual sent via email
    3. Watch the online orientation video sent to you via email
    4. Complete the online orientation video quiz  
    5. Sign up for your preferred shifts and begin volunteering!


    Regular Volunteers

    Ages 13 and up

    Help out the dogs at the Ranch by cleaning, laundry, dishes, walking dogs (staff will get dogs for you). This position is for Volunteers unable to commit required hours for other positions but would still like to volunteer. Also for volunteers too young for other positions. 

    Doggy Play Group

    Ages 13 and up

    Spend time with two or more dogs in the play yard. You will be supervising the dogs and making sure all the doggies are having a good time. This role is also on a as needed basis, depending on the dogs we have available. There will be two spots available for each shift as we would like two people watching the group at a time

    Animal Care Assistant

    Ages 18 and up

    Assists kennel staff with cleaning and restocking kennel areas and X-pens, feeding rescue animals, and administering medicine where required. Also assists with rescue dog play and socialization activities. Hours available are seven days a week, 10am - 2pm and 3pm – 7pm Monday through Saturday, and 4pm – 7pm on Sundays. This position requires special kennel training and minimum hour commitment of a least one, two-hour shift per month and a minimum overall commitment of 3 months

    Dog Walking

    Ages 16 and up

    Aid the rescue by walking and socializing with the rescue dogs, cleaning pens and kennel. Hours for this position are 9am – 5pm (sometimes 6 depending on the time of year) Monday – Saturday. This position requires training in dog handling and a minimum hour commitment of at least two, two-hour shift per month for a minimum overall commitment of 3 months. Requires minimum hour commitment. Plus a minimum completed volunteer hours before you are eligible for this position.
    Fundraising As a non-profit corporation, NLOL relies upon donations from private individuals and corporations.   Assistance is always needed in ongoing fundraising projects. These may include but are not limited to: supply drives, monetary fund drives for specific projects, material collection for special projects or for toy making. Reach out to the volunteer coordinator for a complete list of ways to help fundraise for the organization. 

    ISO Socialization

    Ages 18 and up

    Take out and spend time with our Isolation dogs.Under 18yrs and as young as 16yrs can be added to role upon Volunteer coordinators discretion. This will be an as needed position. So If we do not have any Isolation Dogs then we will not have shifts available for this. There is no Monthly commitment for this Role, however you will still have complete Regular Volunteer hours to remain active if this shift is not Open. 

    Junior Volunteer

    Ages 8 to 12

    Currently you will be doing Mobile Pet Adoptions (see more info below) with a parent/ guardian with you who must handle the dog at the event. We are also working on new activities that are more kid friendly that are coming soon!!

    Facility Maintenance

    Building and grounds maintenance assistance is needed: includes cleaning, handyman, and coordinating maintenance projects.

    Open House Volunteers and Coordinators

    Ages 16 and up

    Similar to our Mobile Adoptions, NLOL will hold Open Houses to help get the word out about the rescue and find forever homes for the rescue dogs. Specific training must be provided for you to work within this job description whether as a volunteer or as the coordinator. This position requires special open house training and a minimum hour commitment of at least one shift (3 hours) per month and a minimum overall commitment of 3 months.

    P.E.T. Program Doggy Reading Group

    Ages 8 to 12

    This program organizes field trips for schools and sets up times for our Junior Volunteers to visit the New Leash On Life facility to provide early education on Animal Awareness and Pet Ownership responsibility and provides an interactive experience for children with therapy dogs and to develop and expand their reading skills. New Leash On Life is looking for volunteers who would benefit from reading to dogs in a comfortable environment.

    Puppy Socialization/Clean-up

    Ages 16 and up

    This position is only available as needed and would be a good add-on for the Animal Care Assistant or Dog Walking positions because it requires the same training. It requires volunteers to help check-up on mama and puppies, clean up after them, possibly feed them and administer medicine as instructed by staff.

    T.E.A.M (Treat Enrichment at Midday

    Ages 13 and up

    This position is especially good for our younger volunteers. Help make and provide midday enrichment treats to our rescue dogs. Visits with dogs and walking the dogs is not available in this position however. Hours for this position are Monday – Saturday from 8am -5:00 pm. This position requires training and a minimum hour commitment of one, one-hour shift per month.

    Mobile Pet Adoptions (MPAs)

    Ages 16 and up

    Adoptions are held in Los Angeles City and County and surrounding areas. You will hold and care for the dogs at these events, provide information on the dogs and our adoption process to interested parties. An experienced MPA Coordinator will manage the event and provide support to you and the dogs.See a list of dates and locations here

    NLOL Volunteer

    Other ways to help

    Fostering:  There are three types of foster opportunities: Puppy Raising/Fostering, Shelter Rescue Fostering and Lend A Paw Fostering. Get more information on fostering here or fill out a foster application.

    Lend A Paw (LAP) Program (Canine Assisted TherapyABOUT LEND A PAW

    The Lend A Paw Program has been in operation since 2005.  The Lend A Paw program bridges the gap between humans and animals by providing assistance not only to homeless animals but to humans in need. 

    The Lend A Paw program volunteer handler / dog teams visit care facilities, schools for children with special needs, childrens court, missions and veteran groups in greater Los Angeles.  The program is designed to train rescue dogs from shelters and train them to be therapy dogs for canine assisted therapy.  Some dogs are trained and placed with qualified individuals with special needs to provide personal service. 

    Under the supervision of the LAP Program Coordinator lendapaw@nlol.org, volunteers will be trained to handle Therapy Dogs for Canine Assisted Therapy visits. LAP dogs travel to special events and have scheduled vivitation tours offering therapy & companionship. Rescue dogs are specifically trained and adopted to individuals or families in need of support.

    LAP training includes obedience training, CGC training and advanced training.  There are additional seminars available covering temperament evaluation, behavior and behavior modification, body language and meaning, and problem solving.  Commitment is required in service hours, meetings, training sessions and certification.

    NLOL Volunteer

    Getting involved in LAP with your own dog
    Volunteers may get involved in the Lend a Paw program with their own dog by first enrolling in an evaluation test to determine the capabiilities of the team and determine if any training is neede. Dogs must exhibit the correct temperament, be obedience trained, pass a Canine Good Citizen test and a field test. (we offer training services for obedience, CGC and field work.  

    Contact lendapaw@nlol.org for membership requirements.