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    The techniques used in our Basic Obedience group training classes are focused on developing
    effective communication to create mutual respect and understanding between a dog and its
    human. This concept is sure to create harmony in the home that we lovingly share with our
    canine companions.

    Dogs live in the present in a very energy centric manner that is easily used to our advantage
    in communicating our desires to our dogs. With this in mind our sessions will be light hearted,
    fun and informative and this method of delivery will ensure all minds (human and canine) will
    be in peak condition for receiving new information.

    We cover the basic commands (Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come).  The primary purpose of this training is basic Obedience in a group setting with up to 8 teams. In addition to teaching acceptable behavior, Obedience training creates the foundation for communication, respect and trust between dog and handler. At the end of the 6 weeks you will have the tools in knowledge to maintain good behavior consistently.
    See client testimonials below.

    GROUP TRAINING Curriculum:

    Class 1:  Leash Work, Heel (walking on loose lead)

    Class 2:  Sit

    Class 3:  Setting the pace, More heel, Introduction to Down

    Class 4:  Perfect Down, Introduction to Stay

    Class 5:  More Stay, Introduction to Come

    Class 6:  Perfect Stay, Come (on long lead)


    2017 GROUP TRAINING Schedule 



    SATURDAY MARCH 18 - APRIL 22 10:00 AM

    ENROLL **

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    ** Other discounts do not apply.

    GROUP TRAINING Requirements:

    • All dogs must be spayed / neutered with current vaccinations*
    • ENROLL and pay. NEW LOWER RATE $150
    • E-MAIL Vaccination Certificates*  for Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP to  (Bordetella and DHLPP vaccinations can be administered by NLOL during your visit)
    • EXERCISE your dog prior to each session
    • ATTEND sessions with calm energy! (NO treats)
    • NO REFUNDS for missed sessions
    • A Certificate is issued based on attendance, performance and results.



    Private lessons are available in your home for your convenience and to more accurately represent the dog's normal daily environment. Available are single $95, set of 3 $275 or set of 6 sessions $500. Other discounts do not apply to single sessions. **Currently our service area for the service is Santa Carita. For online inquiries click ENROLL to complete and submit the short form and view Rates & Services or e-mail


    One on one sessions with a trainer are available at the NLOL facility for Obedience Training, Problem Solving or Behavior Modification. Available are single $95, set of 3 $275 or set of 6 sessions $500 . Other discounts do not apply to single sessions.  For online inquiries click ENROLL to complete and submit the short form and view Rates & Services or e-mail 

    IN-KENNEL TRAINING - Board & Train

    In-Kennel training is available and includes boarding and training. The weekly rate is $500 per dog boarding in a private kennel. An evaluation is performed in advance to determine training needs, length of time and curriculum. 4 Week boot camp $1,750. Other discounts do not apply.  For online inquiries click ENROLL to complete and submit the short form and view Rates & Services or e-mail


    PRIVATE EVALUATIONS are by reservations only.   GROUP SESSIONS for Evaluations and CGC Certification are provided by NLOL per schedule below and you may preview a CGC Certification Test Sample (video) .  Our group sessions may include up to 8 handler / dog teams testing simultaneously and we introduce additional props to simulate real life distractions.

    Your dog may have the temperament and disposition to be certified as a Canine Good Citizen under the guidelines and standards of the AKC. Many dog owners choose Canine Good Citizen training as the first step in training their dogs. The Canine Good Citizen Program lays the foundation for other activities such as agility, tracking, and service work. See details and benefits of obtaining a CGC title in our Dog Training Blog

    NOTE: Please ensure your dog is wearing a flat collar or a Martingale and a FIXED 4 or 6 foot leash.  Prongs, slips and harnesses are not permitted during testing.  No extendable or flex leads.


    2017  CGC TEST SCHEDULLE                 ENROLL **



    NLOL FACILITY - Training Center

     JANUARY 21        10:30 am   

    NLOL FACILITY - Training Center

     MARCH 18    10:30 am   

    NLOL FACILITY- Training Center

     MAY  6    10:30 am   

    **Other discounts do not apply. $50 fee will apply to eligible training services.



    Trained Therapy dogs are occasionally available for adoption however for a perfect match we prefer to first determine your needs and preferences and then select a rescue dogs to train. Please send a simple inquiry to for more info on adoption and training a dog for Personal Service.
    You may also enroll your own dog in Advanced Training if the dog has the right temperament and disposition for Therapy work. An evaluation by our training team is the first step. ENROLL in a GROUP or SINGLE PRIVATE EVALUATION SESSION online OR contact . Other discounts do not apply.

    We focus our level of training to create well-mannered, calm and balanced social companions. We use a number of trainers for each dog, ensuring the dog is comfortable with following directions from any
    handler. The dogs are field tested and trained for general every day life skills with distractions and obstacles. A Certificate of Completion for Obedience Training is required for enrolment in Advanced training.

    All graduates of Advanced Training for Canine Assisted Therapy work in our Lend A Paw program are also AKC / CGC Certified and are issued ID cards and a canine service vest.

    New Leash On Life is recognized by the AKC as a THERAPY DOG TRAINING & CERTIFICATION ORGANIZATION .  Also visit our Lend A Paw program section for information on Canine Assisted Therapy tours by our volunteer handler/dog teams.





    "Noticed a huge difference in my dog after the board and training, was well worth it. Staff is always very kind and informative. They are very loving and passionate towards the dogs and looks out for their well being. They really know the dogs behavior on a one on one level. Would recommend to my friends and family."  - Eric T.      

    When 11 year old Ethan was asked what it means to have Gwen, an Emotional Support dog, in his life, he wrote “Gwen helps me feel better when I feel mad or angry. She nudges me to say, ‘Calm down I’m here for you.’ I try my best to accept her requests to help me, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. I am grateful we got Gwen. She is an awesome friend and a great therapy dog. She does her job and sometimes makes us laugh doing it.”      

    "The in-home training for Jethro and Cisco was very effective. Both managed to learn the basics and I'm looking forward to making more progress with "the Boys," possibly participating in advanced classes. Meanwhile I've learned effective ways through NLOL training in how to teach and reinforce commands. Jethro and Cisco are becoming delightful young gentlemen." -S. Morano      


    "We did private lessons with Alec for our new rescue dog after she became aggressive against our other dog. We were desperate and actually took the dog back to the shelter, before talking to Alec. We brought her back home when Alec assured us that there was hope for change. The change in our dog and our home has been amazing since the lessons. We were then able to enroll in the group class and were thrilled with results. We still have work to do, but the joy of our family and our dogs has returned."

    - S. Carlson      


    "Our rescue mutt, Lola, and we completed the Basic Obedience classes at New Leash On Life with trainer Alec and are so thankful for it.  Lola, like many rescues, must have had some bad experiences before we took her from the county animal shelter.  Her behavior was a problem, and we were afraid to have her with our grandchildren.  Training at the local pet store didn’t help much.  Then Alec entered our lives. What a difference.  We learned that Lola thinks like a dog (duh); not like us.  That whatever energy we bring to a situation is what she will also bring.  We learned that we are the boss of her and how to show her that we are.  The training steps are basic and easy and through repetition Lola gets it.  Now we walk her; not she walks us.  She sits, lays down, stays and comes upon command.  The grandkids and she are pals.  (The cats are still a work in progress, but improving.)  And all of this was accomplished by using commands and praise, instead of treats. We believe we are able to communicate with Lola in a way we could not before due to lack of understanding on our part; and, she is quite the happy dog about her new obedient life.  We highly recommend this training for any age dog and most especially for their owners. Lola's behavior has improved immensely since our NLOL training."

    J. Pfau      


    "The training was very personalized. Regardless of your dogs behavior, the trainer is happy to work with your dog. The training is gentle and respectful to the dogs." - S. Wagner      


    "I very much like Alec; she's an excellent trainer with a lot of knowledge. The class was small enough to address specific needs of each of the dogs." - S. Girellini      


    "The training was excellent. Many years ago I took another dog to a pet store training class. It was no comparison to this training! In fact other pet owners were prejudice of my pit-bull and I dropped out! Alec made the training controlled, fun and very informative. I looked forward to it every weekend and will miss not going anymore. It was great to know that she was available for support via email or telephone! I learned so much in the class that I was not expecting to learn. Alec taught us about dog behavior. Like my dog doesn’t think like me what a concept!! I had been humanizing her emotions, which was wrong. And to not be soft spoken with the commands, be direct and strong (this was excellent to know and has proven very effective with me and Hope listens much better to me now) I'm so happy that Hope and I took to this class and the training will last a lifetime for us! Thank you Alec and NLOL." - L. Tanner      


    Our experience with New Leash On Life training was great. We are so happy with the outcome and would definitely recommend it to our friends and family.   Cheryl Gaydos